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(1) Is placing regular ads free?
Yes, from 1 to 30 days. It is also possible to mark as promoted, highlighted and special (details of these offers and their price is in the Advertising / Price list section). 
When registering on our site, remember to enter your email address, because this email will receive an activation link thanks to which you will be able to activate your account.
Remember to save the data you need to log in and not share it with anyone! We will never ask you for your login details!



(2) What should I do to place an ad?
First select categories and fill out the form of adding a new advertisement. After sending the form, the announcement will be added to the queue of announcements awaiting verification (this is to check the correct assignment of the announcement to the appropriate category and compliance with the websites regulations and applicable law). When the verification is successful, the advertisement will be added to the website.
Level 1. 



Etap - 2.



(3) How can you delete, edit (change the content), promote or change the photo and extend the validity of your ads on our site?
If the offer is out of date and we want to delete it, log in to the website, go to my offers and click on the REMOVE button. You can also delete an advertisement by clicking on the link in the e-mail message received when adding your offer to our website, clicking on the link will show us the website page, please click on the delete button. Note - removing an advertisement from the website does not mean removing the advertisement from search engines.


If our advertisement expires, the advertisement will cease to be active, we will receive an email with a link to extend the advertisement and there we will again choose the validity period for displaying our advertisement, i.e. from 1 to 30 days.  After the extension, the active option will light up green and our advertisement will return to the first position on the websites main page!


You can also view the number of views of our advertisement and the date of expiry of the advertisement. We can also edit the advertisement, i.e. change its content and change the photo.



(4) How to better promote your ads?
To better promote your ad, place your ad as promoted. These are ads promoted at the beginning of the entire list of ads displayed in a large slider at random. There are also featured ads displayed at the very top of the site at random along with other featured ads. You can also use the special offers option, these are the ads displayed at the top in a given category of ads. To place a promoted, featured or special offer, select the appropriate option on the add form.
- Promoted advertisement - 10 Eur
Only for promotions: Important! In order for the slider with your main picture to display correctly in promoted ads, you need to prepare one main picture about 700 pixels by 450 pixels in size and set it as the main picture.
- Featured ad - 5 Eur
- Special announcement - 2 Eur
We issue a bill at your request.
The prices in the picture are old prices!




(5) How to delete your account on our website and unsubscribe from the mailing list?
To delete your account and unsubscribe from the mailing list, log in to your account and enter the settings in the user panel, at the very bottom you will find the delete account button. You can also write to us at the email address from the same address that you provided when setting up your account.

 (6) Can I put my advertisement on your website?
Yes, we suggest placing your advertisement in the special right-hand column of the entire website under the name "Advertisement". Your ads will be displayed randomly each time you refresh the page, i.e. once it can be at the bottom of the site and once at the top. We offer advertising space in 2 sizes:
- small advertisement 160px to 160px - 5 Eur for 30 days.
- large advertisement 160px - 600px - 10 Eur for 30 days.
This is better illustrated by a special subpage called Advertising, where you can see exactly where the ads are placed in the pictures.
We issue a bill at your request.


(7) Is the website adapted for mobile devices?
Yes, the service is adapted to mobile devices and can be seen not only on a computer but also on a smartphone and tablet. 




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